About SD Inc.

We simply do it better.

As a leading architecture and design firm, it is our priority to serve not just our client’s needs but to also provide above and beyond innovative solutions for today’s problems with modern architectural designs that must be aesthetically outstanding yet environmentally responsible.


Why care for Architectural and interior designs?

We believe that the appeal and organization of a well-designed environment defines an essential level of professionalism and trust that everyone should have. To compete with today’s fast pace world, design matters and design is what keeps our clients up to par with their competition.

Welcome to SD Inc., an internationally renowned multi-disciplinary architecture and interior design firm founded by Sunil Dhingra and Shilpi Dhingra.

What started as a passion grew into a network of professionals who share the same view and mission for the future of SD Inc. and its clients.

With 16 years of professional services, we have served and worked with a multitude of clients and businesses such as,

  • Private residential owners
  • Real estate developers
  • Institutional organizations
  • Commercial establishments
  • Builders.

Taking designs to new heights

What We Strive For

You First: You are our first priority, all design and suggestions are not just what SD Inc. think is best, it is best because it will be in line with what would make it close to perfect for you. The design is only perfect when it meets the beholder’s expectations.

Creativity: Architecture and Design are our passion, and with you, we strive to go above and beyond to meet our clients’ expectations. Our team has been designing for 16 years and continue to provide excellence.

Lower Cost: This is our strength, and we’re very well known in the industry to providing our clients with the best while reducing the cost. While the cost is low, we still beat the competition in all other aspects of creativity, innovation, and knowledge of modern architectural and interior designs.

Flexible Payment Plan: With lower cost, we also provide our clients with a flexible payment plan. Why do we do this? Simply because we understand that there are many who aspires for a better living of modern lifestyle, but an upfront cost is an issue. We make it easy, simple, and affordable!


How can we be a service to you, our future client?

We consistently provided the finest design and solutions for custom building, kitchen and bath design, landscape design, fine furniture, art, and home-technology.

We place a strong emphasis on Cost Optimization, which in simple terms means to minimize our clients cost while effectively providing equal to if not better modern architectural and interior designs that would have charged our clients a fortune. Because of our cost optimization it has become one of our Unique Selling Points.

Our passionate and professional team ensure that you, as one of our clients, will have a professional team catering to your specific requirements that are unique to your designs and ideas.

You’ll also be able to effectively manage the budget and lowering it to a considerable percentage without sacrificing quality design and timeliness of completion.

Let us help you design and create an empire today!


Creating places with personality & purpose that are well-made, well-used

Interior Design

Powerful interior spaces make a difference in our lives

Kitchen Design

Wonderful bespoke designs, Innovative, beautiful and functional

Lighting Design

Light has the power to directly and deeply impact experience