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Form of art

Architecture- A Form of Art

Architecture quite literally means “the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.” It can also be stated as a unique blend of art, science, and business of a building, the ‘ART’ being the most prominent of them. It is often stated that an artist works from reality to abstract, on the contrary, an architect works his way from the abstract to reality. Art may be confined to an object or an event but architecture comes to life in the blur of the buildings.

Architect, constrained by engineering safety, economy, function, and climatic impacts, ought to inspire us with spaces influenced by light and space, creating the impact needed. It is often said it is easy to point out a faulty design because of the unease caused by using it, but a good design just almost skips by.

From the ease with which you climb the stairs without falling head on to the tall skyscrapers that might start hurting your back if you decide to stare the top for a while, is architecture. It is an architect’s job to provide us with the highest quality of design.

Fundamental basics of architecture have three pillars to work through and achieve the needed- use, space, idea. The lesser appreciated is the effect architecture of space creates, it can enhance the way we relate to each other, increase productivity, improve health and if designed carefully even help reduce crimes.

Architecture has the power to modify our daily experiences in ways most of us don’t even realize, the colour, texture, material, spatial arrangement come together to often make you say “I like the vibe of this place”.