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Architecture Approach

Architecture – Our Approach

We, in our daily lives, are surrounded by architecture- home, office, school, café, hospitals. Everything designed for a specific purpose that plays a role in our daily lives. They essentially form our neighbourhoods and city that they are a part of, defining it and thus ought to be designed in the best possible ways, keeping in mind their use and ease of the people that use it.

Now, for example, imagine a school designed like a commercial office tower, will the kids enjoy that space? Learn all that they are meant to? NO. A school is expected to have a playground, lively classrooms, a peaceful ambience, designed for their specific age and also keeping them close to nature, inspiring them and giving them a much-needed exposure to explore all their abilities. The same goes for all the other buildings too. They are designed the way they are for a reason which, we, daily users somewhat fail to understand. Hence, undermining the potential of architects and the role they have to play in our lives.

We at SD Inc. make sure the places we design, not only serves your purpose but inspires you and improves your experience of the space while making sure space is used at its full potential. At the same time making sure that we provide you the best in your ideal budget.

There is no one track approach to our projects, we respond to all our project in the best way possible of the given context- your needs, budget, site, surroundings, climate, and materials. Taking care of your every need and ensuring they are served well.