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Bohemian Backdrop

The bohemian theme of decorating a space basically goes around the idea of being ‘free-spirited’ or the notion ‘it goes how it goes. This style speaks volumes in terms of diversity coming together to create a space that represents you. It basically goes for people who love art, or travel around a lot and the place is enticed by souvenirs they decided to pick up on their way back.

Bohemian style ought to give you an impression that all the components lived a different life before they decided to settle here. Different yet in harmony with each other. If you need your space full of life, culture, art and you have an eclectic range of items you wish to show off, bohemian is definitely the one for you. There is no definition to this one, you own it.

Now, there are different ways you can make your place sing life if this is the kind of style you have been looking for there are certain things that can help you get where you want to be. You just need to learn to play with all those ideas in your mind and we are here to help you play right!

Point number one, play it cool,  don’t try to be too organized, it will kill the vibe, and keep in mind, boho is all about keeping the vibe and place alive.

The next thing to go is playing with colours, patterns and textures, don’t shy away from the game. If anything boho is the opposite of the minimalistic mindset. Bring in bright colours, pair it with the dullest of them and see the magical effect it has, well throw in a couple of complementing patterns as well, nobody is going to stop you.

Another thing to bear in mind is combining things in layers. Throwing in different kind of rugs altogether, different cushion covers, combining the old and new furniture and accessories, throw in patterns colours textures until you are satisfied with it. Take your time accessorizing the place to life. you won’t find everything in a short time until you have some awesome help as we intend to offer you at SDINC. The main focus should be accessorizing artistically and you could surely use some help with that.

 And last but not leastgo green. What better way to give life to a place than plants, they are affordable, adorable, easy to source and also works wonders for your health. They add a hint of colour.

They add a depth to the place, offer a relaxing vibe adding a pop of colour without interfering much with the place. Be creative with planters, you can hang them, get artistic planters, experiment in various sizes, experiment with DIYs, you can never be short of options here.