Contemporary Conundrum


The Contemporary theme of styling is perfect if you are looking for a timeless design. The background story of designing a contemporary space revolves around the idea of making bold statements while maintaining the warmth of the space. The style is surprisingly often confused with modern interior design but is far from it.

This interior designing theme gives you a calm and serene vibe combined with elements that have bold statements of their own to make and are also in harmony with each other. The bold elements are the highlight balanced with a muted colour palette and if some dark colours need to be thrown into the mix, one could consider shades of brown, taupe and mauves.

Keeping a subtle range of cool colours in the background as a canvas, play with textures but also keep it simple, also, keep high ceilings, bare windows, use bold colour blocks. To sum it up, it creates a quiet drama in the place, let that playful vibe linger.

Coming to the furniture and accessories, as long as you make a statement of your taste with expressive artworks, stand out furniture pieces ( in solid colour shades), preferably covered in natural fabric and accessorising the place with pieces that have an artistic definition of their own, the place is pretty good to go. And yet again keep in mind owning the space is the most important, make sure that place has an element of you as well.

Now talking of the decorative details, let’s pick a page from the book of high tech architecture (based on the concept of exoskeleton)  go ahead play with the basic structural elements, keep the moulding in plain sight, exposed brickwork (or you could get a wallpaper of the same), visible pipes, highlight them with a colour maybe, but that’s a little tricky part which only experienced designers could get right. We at SDINC can very well accommodate the needs of such a design statement.

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