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Chinonye J. Chidolue once said, “The river of knowledge has no depth”. ‘Educating oneself’ is an unsaid part of our lives that ought to be given more attention than we currently do. Existing in the world where some 100s of new things happen every minute, to keep yourself updated to the ones that interest you is the least you could do for yourself. The task of keeping you well informed rests with newspapers, magazines, websites and social media (only if you let it).

That’s where journalism comes into the picture. Journalism refers to gathering, assessing, creating and presenting information and news for the access of people. Journalism is based on the simple principle, ‘ the role knowledge and news play in our daily lives’.

Here at SD Inc. we are taking up the responsibility to keep you educated and updated regarding a very common yet less understood and valued part of our daily lives, ‘ARCHITECTURE and INTERIOR DESIGNING’.

At some point in our lives we have sat wondered about the space around us, now let’s enhance the knowledge you have about that space and the ones that have created it and know how simple yet a complicated task it really is.

Bringing you the information from the best materials for your cupboard to educating you the different ways space can exist to the history of how it came to be evolved. Also your own personal DIYs for your surroundings, adding more life to it. Running a series of informative articles to keep you updated about the latest launch in the world of materials and technology, we are going to attempt our best to keep up at the task of giving you a sneak peek into the world of a designer.