Minimalist Mantra


The minimalistic design is a celebration of the simple, peaceful and orderly combination of features that have definite and clean lines in a very sophisticated manner. ‘Less is more’ is a well-known phrase, minimalist style of decorating is nothing, but that phrase come to life. The minimalistic approach is for the people who need the space to be light and free.

Functionality overcomes the need for ornamentation, be it in terms of your furniture, accessories, textures and clothing that is used. The less the items in the place the more they define the space. The basic principle is ‘everything needs a reason and a place’.

So, you must think definite geometry, no loud accessories, basic shapes and make the place as simple and smooth as it gets. A good play with balance, harmony and proportion is your key to a good minimalistic design.

If you love the idea of organized spaces with simple and defined patterns, this is your pick!

Now let’s get to a little know-how, for starters, de-clutter space as much as possible, if the object has no use, it is not needed. And if you are trying to make a compact space look spacious, I assure you, there is no better solution.

In terms of colour scheme, the pallete needs to be limited and concise, we would suggest Whites, Blacks, Greys, Creams may be combined with hues and shades of a single more colour. The colours are mainly used in a combination of three, adding sleekness to the entire place.

While picking out the furniture you must aim for defined geometric designs. You can pick forms with little bends but avoid too curvy designs. Extra ornamentation is totally out of the window, as minimal decorative items as possible.

Lighting if used correctly will be the icing on the cake, it plays a really important role since minimal furniture and more open space than usual, which allows quite a fascinating game of light and shadows. Natural lighting can be quite handy in this, provided one gets the windows smartly designed and placed and we at SD Inc. can make sure you have just the right design for your place.

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