Thoughtful Home Design at Faridabad

A home is a place where people can display their personalities and customize the interiors according to their own taste. Interior designing for this home in Faridabad is a contemporary design with a classical twist, which reflects the personal aesthetic of the client. It is an interesting challenge for the architect to be thoughtful enough to understand the client’s vision and then translate it into tangible forms, which get embedded in their memory and lives forever. It will not be wrong to say the interior design of a home sets the backdrop for the day-to-day lives of the users.
This home is light, airy, and spacious and that feeling of openness is maintained by the use of lighter tones for the walls and the furniture. It provides a feeling of expanse and buoyancy to the design. The twist is the use of strategic design elements to bring out the elegance in the design, without being overbearing in any way. Plush seating and rich mauve upholstery provide the look of timelessness and sophistication. The console tables are chic with neat lines in brass tones. The emphasis is on the incorporation of natural materials wherever possible, grounding the whole space. The use of marble lends opulence to this interior design. The color combination chosen is beautiful with a foreground of white, beige, and brown and punches of crimson shades and mauve.
The design as a whole is understated but delivers in a powerful way. It’s not the interiors one can forget easily. The cut glass wall provides a feeling of spaciousness, while bright light fixtures enhance that effect. The open kitchen in contrast is muted and a place to just cook and have some personal time. It’s innovative in its use of texture and patterns. The pattern on the wall provides dynamism to the kitchen. Overall, this interior design project proves that design can be bubbling, exciting and dynamic without being too overboard and complex. What a thoughtful way to design!
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Year: 2021