Living Room, Gurugram

The interior design for this residence in Gurugram is contemporary, playful, and yet dripping in the luxury of modern high-end living. SD Inc. after coming on board designed this residence to be energy-infused spaces for the family and friends of the client to gather and have a good time.
This meant an emphasis on comfort and a dynamic living space bubbling with life and colors. This living room has a formal seating area, informal seating, and a bar. The layout has been kept fairly open and fluid and the idea was to create a cozy seating space in a spacious living room.

The formal seating area is quite dynamic and robust, with the use of bold crimson colors, sophisticated and glamorous furniture pieces. The white light highlights and brings forth the vibrancy of this space, which seems to be infused with life and vitality. The space invigorates the user, with its use of rich tones like which are fairly unconventional. The use of maroon, cream, and black couches emphasizes elegance over anything. The use of marble in the center coffee table and dark wooden panellings set the tone of place which values warmth and grandeur. The light fixtures are fairly bold and fill the space with energy which is further enhanced by a vibrant art piece on the wall. This interior design provides for a lively magnificent living room.

The informal seating area is in contrast, with primary shades like blue and yellow. The use of a solid wooden table and comfortable and plenty of seating, make this living room comfortable and cozy for a family hangout. The blue and yellow are beautifully complemented by muted greys. Therefore, despite being a very contemporary, playful, and chic space, comfortable with the use of colors, these interiors are calming. The formal one, in comparison, is bursting with energy and drenched in luxury. The contemporary art piece in this interior design for the living room completes the whole space.

The false ceilings are kept minimalist and subtle with a lot of focus on providing ample lighting to space. The ceiling light fixtures are attractive, bold, and eye-catching. They make the space look opulent on the whole. The living room also includes a bar, which is in sync with the sophisticated, yet playful interior of the whole place. All in all, this interior design project doesn’t shy away from the use of bold colors and pieces and thrives on their charm. This living room interior design provides the perfect place for a family to relax, gather around and entertaining hosts.

Year: 2021