Luxury villas at Mukteshwar, Bheemtal

This charming villa is located in Mukteshwar, Bhimtal, Nainital on a hill slope. As a result, the villa is terraced with multiple-step gardens, landscaped immaculately to provide the clients with a luxurious environment, while still being connected to nature. On being roped in for this interior design consultation in Nainital, SD Inc… came up with the idea of an exposed brickwork exterior that provides a rustic charm to this villa in the lap of nature. SD Inc… always adds beauty to your luxurious requirement.

The luxury villa design works with the idea of natural materials commonly used on the hillside like wood and terracotta roofing tiles so that the villa design merges in with the context. The landscape design is the star of this luxurious villa, with terraced gardens connected to each other. It starts off with flower beds and a stepped entrance to the paved front yard. A pebbled pathway allows one to walk in nature while enjoying the hills and environs of the Nainital. The pathway is surrounded by planters bursting with native flora. A stepped corridor, which connects to the house, takes us to the backyard of the house. The rooms on the second floor open into this intimate backyard with an elevated seating area with a curved retaining wall. This intimate seating area provides a romantic setting for one to have food and entertainment in the foothills of the Himalayas. Picket fences are used for patch gardens in the front. Traditional balustrades surround the remaining garden area. An artificial pond by the building is an additional factor in this relaxing luxurious villa.
Interior design for the luxury villa is in sync with the whole theme for architecture design, with a connection to the outdoors and the use of natural, rustic materials. The copper-red of the brick goes very well with the greens of the hill. The pitched roof and use of vernacular materials are in accordance with the climate of the place. The interior design and the architecture put a very special focus on the connection with the outside and nature, which is articulated in the deep porch with wooden columns. The result is very organic and soothing. The use of levels and stepped terraces and landscape provide brilliant interconnectivity between spaces. This makes the design of the whole villa much more interactive and breaks any monotony one might experience. The villa’s design is very cozy and whimsical where one can spend one’s life in peace and harmony with nature.

Year: 2018