Mid-rise group Housing at Ghaziabad

SD Inc. came up with a design that facilitates the living of the people. The eight-story apartment building includes spacious apartments, top-notch services, parking, and green spaces for the residents. SD. inc was roped in for the architectural as well as interiors of the projects. Designing for a home is the most common yet difficult project for architects because the home is the place where we spend the majority of the time, relax and be ourselves. The apartment design is further complicated by the fact that it is seamless sharing of the services essential for the daily lives of multiple users.

The firm took upon this task to design a mid-rise apartment that is the epitome of comfortable and livable spaces. The design is contemporary with a modern exterior but has an interesting twist in the form of jaali work. This jali work provides the building with light and ventilation. It has been taken care of because all interior spaces are well lit and have cross ventilation. Plenty of fenestration provides the apartments with much-needed daylight. The architectural design of the elevation plays with these fenestrations, balconies, and jali to create harmonious frames and hierarchy in the design. The overall effect is quite pleasant and soothing due to pastel grey and the use of cooler tones. The trees surrounding the apartment also add to this.

Special emphasis is given to the services in the apartments. Lack of enough parking spaces is an issue with multiple apartments, which leads to an overcrowded compound. This particular building uses stilt parking and the compound is made green with planters on the compound wall.
Therefore the compound becomes a respite space for residents to gather and for recreational activities. For this architecture design, the residents get plenty of space to walk and interact with each other, while the space is used in the most efficient manner. During the consultation for the architecture, it was made sure that the residents don’t miss out on social life which is missing in the apartment culture nowadays. Therefore, the building looks upon the garden. The design is kept homogeneous without being monotonous or bland, despite the repetition of elements. Services are well planned out and follow the norms and guidelines laid by the government, with proper provisions for fire, sanitation, water supply, and electricity. Interior design consultation with SD Inc… has made these apartments a treat for the residents, with a high livability factor against bustling urban context.

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Year: 2018