Cheerful Reception Area

The reception area designed in Noida is a refreshing welcome space for the office employees and its clients alike. The increasingly hectic pace of urban life devoids office goers of contact with nature. Therefore these green, open interiors are a refreshing change from usual corporate designing for reception areas with harsh lighting, bland color palettes, and corporate furniture. The connection with small patches of greenery is shown to improve the general mood of the users. The designers have used this concept to create a cheerful reception area for this office space. The cool color palette relaxes the mind, while the warm wood tones provide serenity and warmth to these corporate interiors.

To achieve the Reception Area interior design that uplifts the mood of the user as soon as they enter the office, the designers have not only used earthy tones but also indoor plants and vertical gardens to improve the interior air quality. The yellow tones of the interior lighting and the wooden paneling further soften the whole atmosphere, which is a departure from the typical corporate interior look. The greenery is used to highlight the walls and corners, so that it doesn’t hinder the functionality of the space, but enhances the productivity of employees and provides resting space for eyes.

Studies show that the color green improves the productivity of the workers and increases the general happiness of the workers. The design aims to maintain the fine balance between cheerfulness and formality, which is an important aspect of corporate design. The formality of the interior design is maintained by the use of sharp lines which gives it a clean look. The partitions are kept transparent to increase the openness of the layout, with minimal black frames and glasses. The accent walls are done in light wood texture, which gives one feeling of being in a comfortable space and almost outside, despite being in a corporate space. The furniture is chosen values ergonomics and comfort over style and merges beautifully with the selected tones, providing cohesiveness to the whole look.

Interior design is further enhanced by the muted light fixtures that provide even bright lighting to the space to enhance productivity while not being glaring or harsh. The whole design maintains the balance between the essentials of corporate designing while paying attention to the general mood and emotions of those who work there. The interior design of this reception area combines high functionality with aesthetics to create an open, green space is very limited space in an office building.

Year: 2021