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Valuation Of Immovable Properties


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SD Inc. provides a valuation of immovable properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial. A formal judgment of valuation may be necessary to support a planned property sale or acquisition. SD Inc. can assist you with the valuation of a wide range of properties for different objectives. Our staff of government-approved and licensed valuers has extensive expertise with a wide range of property types.

Following are some guidelines for the valuation of immovable properties to consult:

What is Valuation?

A property valuation is an estimate of the worth of your property based on its location, condition, and a variety of other criteria. A professional surveyor will do your value in person, take notes and photographs, and send you a final valuation report.

You may use this while determining the value of your home before putting it on the market, dividing the property with someone who owns a portion, or when dealing with probate.

Who can do this?

Your valuation will be carried out by a licensed surveyor, who will take into account factors such as storage, age, size, wear and tear, and space layout when estimating an acceptable value. They’ll also look at comparable houses in the region and assess the market. They’ll give you a final statement based on standards set by the government.

When do you need a property valuation?

The following categories can be used to categorize the purposes of property valuation:

Property valuation for tax purposes Property valuation for property acquisition and sale.

Valuation of real estate to obtain a loan against it and for fund-raising

Valuation of real estate for insurance purposes.

Valuation of real estate to obtain a visa.

For debt restructuring and insolvency processes, property valuation is required.

SD Inc. provides valuation on a one-time or regular basis in your area. To make the process more efficient and assure adherence to quality standards and timeframes, our Valuation Services are completely backed by solid research. Our research teams offer frequent market updates, and we collaborate with colleagues in investing, capital markets, planning and development, transaction advice, and other areas to fine-tune our value view.

Contact us for any immovable property assessment needs from government-approved land and building surveyors.

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