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Shilpi Dhingra

For interior designer Shilpi Dhingra, creative expression is not just work, it’s a way of life. A multi-talented life enthusiast, she discovered her passion for design at an early age. With her critical eye for detail and natural spirit of innovation, she’s pushing the boundaries of design in unexpected ways. Her portfolio seamlessly spans various styles and project types. Shilpi specializes in designs centered on nature, the environment, and a sense of home. She is inspired by design’s ability to give our innermost comforts physical form.

Shilpi is a skillful collaborator and natural leader, taking charge to guarantee timely, stress-free project completion. Her penchant for time management and project delegation makes her an asset to the team. She works closely with Sunil to ensure not only a superior product, but an exceptional client experience. In addition to her certification in interior design, Shilpi holds a Degree in Mass Communication. This combination allows her unique insight into the subconscious message each design projects.

Shilpi’s work is driven by her environmentally conscious and humanitarian worldview. She strives to create beautiful, eco-friendly designs that not only beautify the current world, but conserve resources for the future. When she isn’t dreaming up the latest innovations in practical, beautiful design, she’s spending time with her beautiful daughters Tanisha and Navdha, and helping them develop their own sense of wondrous creativity. She taps into the creative spirit through cooking, travelling, and photography.