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Sunil Dhingra

For Sunil, architecture is everything. From the structures that surround us to the designs and novelties that simplify and beautify our day-to-day existence, he looks for inspiration in the most minute details. As an architect and interior design specialist, he is able to blend creativity and practicality to innovate unique, well-designed environments for living, working, and everything in between. Holding nearly two decades of experience, Sunil has watched the industry grow and evolve. He is dedicated to creating visually-astonishing, environmentally-responsible results.

Sunil Dhingra is the co-founder of SD Inc., centralized in Delhi. An expert in both residential and commercial development, he has delivered over 150 projects and over 5 million square feet of area. He operates on a client-centric service model, and strives to not only meet but exceed expectations. Additionally, Sunil specializes in cost optimization, meaning his results are not only stunning, they’re affordable. A natural problem-solver, he believes no problem is beyond the scope of fresh innovation. His work is a showcase of revolutionary, modern designs.

When he’s not changing the face of modern architecture and interior design, Sunil enjoys watching Cricket, or catching up on his reading list. He loves to have a good time. As a partier, he’s the life of every social gathering! In his daily life, he goes above and beyond to provide a solid role model for his two daughters Tanisha and Navdha. He’s thrilled and inspired by their blooming creativity, and hopes to initiate them into the family practice when the day comes.