Themes of Interior Designing


Looking forward to decorating or restyling your place? Can’t put your needs in words? You are in the right place. All that you need to know about trending and classic themes before you get to work is here.

A theme in this particular context refers to ‘designing style’ based on which space is to be visualized and created. It is a significant challenge for clients to voice their interest when it comes to discussing their needs with the designers. With an infinite number of options, it is a task to know exactly what you need. The designer you decide to hire is going to work to give you the best of everything, as we do here at SD Inc., supposedly one of Delhi’s best.

A great start to that task is knowing a bit about styles and how they differ from one another. Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist, Traditional…… and the list goes on. The designs have been evolving since interior designing came to be recognized as a profession. Later we will also talk about the basic idea these themes came to be developed from or how King Akbar or Louis the thirteenth “sat in style”.

Here, through a series of articles, we would like to introduce you to different themes used by interior designers to pretty up your place. Also, to make it easier for you, the theme descriptions will be given with the respective images so that you can tell your designer exactly what needs to be done with your place. You can either stick to a particular theme or throw in a combination of two or more, spice it up with ‘you’ factor, own it the way it pleases you.

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