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Luxury twin villa at Yamuna Nagar, Haryana

The interior design of this Haryana-based Luxury Twin Villa is the epitome of seamless sophistication. For a modernist result, the modest neutral color scheme is accented with dramatic metallic embellishments. The underlying contemporary concept is subtly woven throughout. The interior design of the two-story deluxe villa was built with high-end luxury materials, bespoke furnishings, and one-of-a-kind décor items that represented the house owner's style and taste, making this project special and lavish. This design has clean modern lines, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, lots of ventilation, large pools, and stunning landscaping. The internal and external areas were planned together in this interior design for a luxury villa. The use of a simple structure, translucent walls, and extensive views of the yard and pool served to blur the lines between inside and out. Furthermore, the profiles are insulated, which helps to reduce energy loss

The Radiant Resort Gorakhpur

What could be more reminiscent of leisure for a resort than an English manor situated in some countryside? This resort in Gorakhpur takes one to the feeling of holidaying in a hillside city with the use of its architecture and design. The design of the following resort takes after stately mansions of English peers, and it’s customized to Indian climate and sun. The gazebos and the relaxing poolside with a wooden deck create an atmosphere to relax and forget about the humdrum of the real world. After the interior design consultation for the resort, SD Inc... came up with the idea for a luxurious resort that not only has classy, sophisticated, and rich interiors but also looks stately on the outside as well. With the chimneys protruding and pitched roofs in greyish colors, it creates the impact of being in a

Oyo townhouse at Gurugram

Oyo townhouses are flagship hotels of OYO, which represent the ethics this company stands for when it comes to providing premium hospitality. SD Inc... got an opportunity to design this flagship outlet in Gurugram. The idea was to create the most comfortable experience for the users who visit this hotel. A hotel design should be efficient in terms of its service, opulent, and luxurious when it comes to the presentation and experience delivered to the clients. It’s also very necessary that the architecture and interior designing of hotels have provisions for seamless circulation of staff members while being relaxing for the guests it hosts. The two worlds should be intertwined but not merge for the best hospitality experience. The townhouse designed by SD Inc... takes proper care of all these aspects and also carries the tradition and ethos of service provided

Mid-rise group Housing at Ghaziabad

SD Inc. came up with a design that facilitates the living of the people. The eight-story apartment building includes spacious apartments, top-notch services, parking, and green spaces for the residents. SD. inc was roped in for the architectural as well as interiors of the projects. Designing for a home is the most common yet difficult project for architects because the home is the place where we spend the majority of the time, relax and be ourselves. The apartment design is further complicated by the fact that it is seamless sharing of the services essential for the daily lives of multiple users. The firm took upon this task to design a mid-rise apartment that is the epitome of comfortable and livable spaces. The design is contemporary with a modern exterior but has an interesting twist in the form of jaali work. This

Luxury villas at Mukteshwar, Bheemtal

This charming villa is located in Mukteshwar, Bhimtal, Nainital on a hill slope. As a result, the villa is terraced with multiple-step gardens, landscaped immaculately to provide the clients with a luxurious environment, while still being connected to nature. On being roped in for this interior design consultation in Nainital, SD Inc... came up with the idea of an exposed brickwork exterior that provides a rustic charm to this villa in the lap of nature. SD Inc... always adds beauty to your luxurious requirement. The luxury villa design works with the idea of natural materials commonly used on the hillside like wood and terracotta roofing tiles so that the villa design merges in with the context. The landscape design is the star of this luxurious villa, with terraced gardens connected to each other. It starts off with flower beds and
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