5 Effective Tips To Choose The Perfect Architecture & Interior Designer In Gurugram

“There is no place like home.”

The above quote is well said that for everyone out there, home is an irreplaceable space. The search for an interior designer is not less than finding the right partner. You can’t simply go for the one who is just proficient. Compatibility is important as well, you need to approach someone who understands your vision.

Before you rush into choosing an interior designer for your home, you should consider a few things. In this blog, we are going to discuss the relevant tips that you need in search of interior designer services in Gurugram.

The difference between Architecture & Interior Design in Gurugram

People usually mix up architecture and interior design with one another. But there are tons of overlaps between their roles that you are not aware of. Go through these pointers given below, which will help you identify which professional suits best for you.

  • Scope of work- An architect is responsible for the facade and structure of the complete building. On the other hand, an interior designer is responsible for the desired look and aesthetic within the building.
  • What they are expertise in The role of architects is to make a structural building that abides by rules, measurements, and certain codes. Whereas, the interior designer takes care of creating a quality interior environment.
  • Basic needs that they look up to Architects focus on more technical aspects in comparison to interior designers. The technical traits include- materials, direction, the form of building, etc. An interior designer focuses on the functionality of the space, human wants, and needs.
  • When to approach- This is a subjective point that depends upon your requirement. If you have space without any structure ready and need to construct and renovate a building from scratch, then definitely hire an architect.

On the other hand, if you only need to renovate your interiors with a complete structure,

then hire an interior designer. Therefore, both professionals are required while building a

new house.

  • Charges- To approach architects and interior designers in Gurugram, you need to brief yourself with charges made on their services. Some charges are based on a lump sum, while others on the percentage of the project value.

Further, we are going to discuss the major tips that you need to keep in mind while

choosing an interior designer in Delhi, Gurugram, or any other city you live in.

1. Know your style

Before you start the process of hunting an interior designer, it is mandatory to know what style you desire. There are plenty of good designers in the market who blends according to the style of their clients.

Therefore, you need to be specific about your requirements and the kind of space you want to live in. Even though it takes time for you to process, but follow this tip so that you won’t regret it later. The design process will become a lot smoother and easier for the designer to work efficiently.

Go get a paper and pen, and start noting out the specifications for better results!

2. Rule of three

According to a renowned interior designer, Markatos Lowe, the general rule should be to meet three designers. Be it more than three designers to opt for, but it is never a bad idea to go more options.

As there is a probability two of the people you came across are more like-minded and others will stand out to you. While looking for Interior Design Consultation in Gurugram, meet different personalities as you can. Finally, choose the one whose aesthetics, personalities, and working styles you resonate with.

3. Portfolio/ Background check

After going through a bunch of designers that fits your bill, ensure a background & portfolio check. Learning about the designer will help you guide to make a wise decision prudently.

In background check, go through their qualifications (specialization/ institution), people they have worked with projects, they have worked on, etc. This will help you to be reliable with your designer and build trust.

Likewise, a portfolio check is equally significant as well. Get to review the designer’s work and their proficiency to innovate and deal with challenges. Since it is market research, you can’t skip this step.

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4. Discuss the Budget

Once you have shortlisted the designers according to their portfolio and working style, it’s time to dive into finalizing the cost. The charges vary from designer to designer.

Be clear with your budget. Since luxury is not always affordable. Simply, know about the payment process and timeline.

The interior designing companies in Delhi suggest keeping a buffer of 20 percent of the budget for miscellaneous purchases and wear and tear.

5. Trust your designer

As mentioned earlier, it is not about finding the perfect designer but more than who is right for you and your aesthetics. The entire process demands trust.

Go with someone you’ve complete confidence in more than yourself. It will be a little uncomfortable at first, but you’ll enjoy it when pushed in new directions.

Now that you have read this blog, you’ll be able to crack the code of finding the right Architecture & Interior Design in Gurugram.

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