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Custom-Made With Love

Transforming Spaces. Transforming Lives.

Founded by Sunil and Shilpi Dhingra, SD Inc. is an architecture and design practice in Delhi and NCR. SD Inc. is a full-service architecture and design firm inspired by the principles of innovation and energized by an ongoing dialogue between art and the built environment.

We specialise in residential and commercial development, along with interior renovations and adaptive re-use projects. We have a passion for design projects that are challenging, particularly when it comes to giving a completely new look to old buildings. One of our main aims is to give a sense of scale and proportion to developments by applying special emphasis on the raw materials that are used, and the effect of light. We place a great deal of importance on what our clients want, and we try to surpass their expectations while staying within the budget that they set.

Building for a better future

Better Designs. Better Life.

In the hands of a trusted innovator, the simple and complex building blocks of designs go beyond the standards of the industry. It takes a shape that transforms the way many people think and feel in an amazing environment.

SD Inc. has discovered new and efficient ways to integrate great designs by employing a progressive strategy. We transform an empty canvas into something more dynamic and magnificent. We deliver designs that include state-of-the-art technology, which can ensure that services are of incredible quality. Moreover,  we have leadership and dedication that can make any dream possible.


A Vision For Your Space, A Vision For Your Life.


Interior Design

Master Planning

Sustainable Landscape

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Low Energy Design

Carbon Management

Smart Homes Automation

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