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SD Inc Interior Designing SOUTH DELHI

Interior Design

Interior design quite literally means “the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building”. It refers to the science of composing a place such that it is more functionally useful and aesthetically pleasing for the users or the inhabitants. At times designing the exterior façade of a building can also be included in interior designing.

The role of an interior designer is often played by each of us at some point, be it deciding the paint that goes on the walls of your room or the arrangement of your furniture. It is also a popular hobby for many people, taking pride in decorating their own home.

But coming to the professional world, Interior Design is seen as an art of composition, it requires designers to bring various pieces together to form the ambience of the place. A designers task is not limited to just picking out what colour of paint goes on your wall, it is much more.

Interior designer handles every bit of your place from what material to use on the floor in your house to the kind of chairs to be used in an office. At times it can take months for a designer to give you, your ‘perfect design’ for the place. Making decisions like what colour should the curtains be? What kind of material to use for the false ceiling? What painting to hang in the right corner that complements the one in the middle? Because let’s face it every decision creates or breaks your dream of a perfect space!