Refreshing Landscape Design, East of Kailash

This intimate front yard in a luxury villa might have been an ignored space, but with SD Inc…, it has become a welcoming space for the residents, where they can spend time with nature and be transported to another world. The villa landscape design uses the space constraint to its advantage and creates a beautiful green pocket, right in your home. One’s very own tropical paradise, bursting with palms, figs, and bright flowers. Once you open the full-length doors, the space is transformed into one seamless continuation, where you won’t even know if you are inside or outside.

Using the space smartly, the villa landscape design for home has converted the walls into green walls, with their own features. On one end you have a creeper wall, with wooden panellings. Beautiful creepers with bright flowers enliven the corner, which might have erstwhile ignored. Terracotta figurines on top of this wall aesthetically enhance the space. A grass bed leads to the main walls, which is a vertical garden with various indoor plants and moss. This wall is offset by several projections with old bonsais against the rich dark wood panelling. The seating at the foot of this wall provides one space to reflect or meditate with banyan trees. If one opens the windows, this corner of this villa becomes the space to interact with family members, have al fresco meals or play games.

Lighting is a special factor in this landscape design. Backlit panels with traditional carvings provide a connection to the design of the rest of the house. This increases homogeneity in the design vocabulary of the project and also provides contrast and hierarchy in the landscape. Uplighters play an important role in this villa landscape design, especially during evening or night times. Provision for light renders the space usable during all times of the day. As one enters through the main gate of the villa, one can see this enchanted space through a white picket fence and a little gate. A little wooden deck provides ample seating for everyone. Who could have thought of a multi-functional landscape design in such a small space? Well, that’s never a concern with SD Inc.

Year: 2020